A stallion, not a bull.  A preference for balance in body, flavor, and aroma, rather than brute strength for its own sake.



Frontmark Cigar Size Box Qty
~68~ Bombone   4 x 44 25
~88~ Robust 5 x 52 25
~888~ Necessary and Sufficient   6.75 x 48 25
~f9~ Finesse   6.25 x 44 25
~mk~ Teaching Machine   5.125 x 42 25
~mj12~ Plan MJ 1949   6 x 56 20

The breakthrough blend for balance, body and construction.  All Illusione “Original Documents” rated 90 and above in Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider – unprecedented in the industry, and culminating in a #7 world ranking in CA’s Top 25 cigars for 2007. 

The Blend: Nicaraguan Criollo ‘98 and Corojo ‘99, finished with a AAA Corojo Rosado wrapper.

Tasting Notes:  A leathery, earthy spice.  Illusione approaches the palate with notes of black cherry and finishes with its signature olfactory floral sweetness.  Medium – Full bodied.