Coronas!  Makes you wanna hum "My Corona".....oh.....that's not the song.  But, this week Primo honors those smaller, slightly thinner (42 to 45 ring), elegant sticks that are just the right size for a delicious smoke without a long-term commitment.

This is another treat from My Father Cigars.  All of the tobaccos that go into this stick are from the Garcia family farms.  This is a box-pressed cigar that is medium to full in body with lots of cedar and licorice flavors and a hint of pepper.  Primo Strength Rating:  8

An extremely complex blend of Habano, Cameroon and Nicaraguan fillers with a flavor profile that is almost as complex....caramel, hints of almonds, notes of French roast coffee and a slight nuance of peppermint.  These all  come together to produce a wonderful aroma that will make those around you take notice (in a good way).  This one is full-bodied for sure.  Primo Strength Rating:  9

The One Off brand has been taken over by Dion Giolito for a bit of revitalization and boy, has he succeeded!  This is a very small batch cigar that is mouthwatering and rare!  A bit spicy with a smooth draw overscored with definite caramel and cappuccino flavors.  A nice medium-bodied smoke that will fit in with any mood at any time of day.  Primo Strength Rating:  5

The DTT cigars are the creation of Steve Saka who has made a name for himself from stints as the creative genius behind the CAO and Drew Estate brands to name a few.  The name "Sobremesa" loosely translates to time spent eating, conversing or just some pleasant human interaction.  And this cigar lends itself to just that.  A masterful blend of Mexican, Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian broadleaf ligero tobaccos deliver an earthy sweetness which progresses to notes of nougat, spice and coffee for a medium to full smoke.  Primo Strength Rating:  7

A $49 value for $40

PRIMO'S CIGAR TIP OF THE WEEK: No matter how expensive your humidor or how well it works, it is always a good idea to every now and then (maybe every 6 months to a year) to empty it out and wipe down the walls and trays with a damp cloth. This helps to get rid of any mildew, blume residue or dirt that may be there.  And it also helps to revitalize the cedar lining.


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