Primo Cigar Shop and Lounge is conveniently located midway between the Plaza and the Railyard, in downtown Santa Fe. Primo Cigar Shop carries a wide selection of premium cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, and cigarettes - as well as a broad array of tobacco-related products.

Among a select few places where one can publicly smoke in Santa Fe, Primo Cigar Shop and Lounge offers a comfortable smoker's lounge for retail customers, complete with Wi-Fi and cable TV.



Saturday, October 25 is the date for the second of our semi-annual

And this one ought to be spectacular, as we are proud to introduce
the newly released My Father Connecticut!
Details here...



This week's 5-pack sampler


We have got some great new cigars in our humidor
and they are all supremely worthy of your attention!

BLACK LABELS from LA PALINA (Honduras and Dom. Rep.)
The La Palina brand was created by Sam Paley in Chicago for his Congress Cigar Shops way back when. His grandson, Bill, has brought the label back with a vengeance and has some of the highest rated cigars on the market. The BLACK LABELS were just released this summer and have arrived on our shelves this past week. They are dark, dark, dark and full-bodied with a lot of spice and an earthy finish. We have three popular sizes to choose from. These are superb after dinner smokes!

They’re baaaaack! Just once a year do we get these highly sought after sticks and they are flying outa here. The wrapper is as oily as your garage floor under that old MGA sportscar! Dark brown and loaded with creamy, malty flavors. And yes…..these do smoke extremely well with your favorite dark beer. They really do. It’s the perfect pairing! When they’re gone, they’re gone so get in here quick.

SERIES “V” MELANIOS from OLIVA (Nicaragua)
These are the top of the line from the blenders at Oliva and are available in very limited quantities. Only Oliva’s best rollers can lay hands on these medium-bodied sticks conveniently boxed in 10’s. We have robustos and churchills in natural wrappers and torpedo’s in a tasty maduro. The custom fitting boxes cradle each cigar individually and make for a nice presentation. Hints of nutmeg and molasses combine with a ceday finish to make for a complex, yet, satisfying smoke. Deeelicious!

Primo's features Peterson Pipes of Dublin.

Speaking of pipes, what do you put in yours? We offer 15 varieties of pipe tobacco, custom blended inhouse by our tobacconist, Ty Anderle. Take a look at our pipe tobacco blends.


Primo Store hours and location.

Take a short video tour of Primo.

Primo also hosts a private club, where members enjoy 24/7 access, using a keyless prox-card entry system, among other unique priveleges. A limited number of memberships are still available. Why not stop in today and see if you'd like to join? The staff will be happy to give you a tour. NOTE: we offer part-time memberships to those people whose primary residence is out of state. Also, if you're vacationing in Santa Fe, you may want to take advantage of a short-term monthly membership, allowing you to maximize your relaxation and enjoyment while visiting the City Different.

Click here for a picture preview of the club.

A small sample of our fine cigar brands: Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Avo, Aging Room, Brickhouse, Cain, Camacho, Carlos Torano, Cohiba, Cusano, Diamond Crown, Flor De Oliva, Gurkha, H. Upmann, Illusione, La Aroma De Cuba, La Aurora, Macanudo, Monte Cristo, My Father, Nestor Miranda, Nub, Oliva, Padron, Partagas, Perdomo, Punch, Rocky Patel, Romeo y Julieta, San Cristobal, Sancho Panza, Villiger and many more. We also carry a large line of tinned small cigars and cigarillos as well as dry-cured cigars.



328 Sandoval Street Santa Fe, NM 87501